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Ghetto Blaster download

Get latest development version: 13.0pre1

Getting Ghetto Blaster

You can download Ghetto Blaster from the handy link above, or choose a specific stable or development release from the bottom of this page.

Installing Ghetto Blaster

The first thing you need to do is get Firefox if you don't have it already. The oldest version of Firefox supported is 1.5.

Firefox should just automatically offer to install the extension when you click on the download link. If it doesn't or if you prefer to install manually (say, if you want to check the MD5 before installing) take these steps:

  1. Right-click on the link and choose Save Link As...
  2. Click the Save button. Make sure you remember what folder you saved in.
  3. In the menu, go to File -> Open File...
  4. Navigate to the folder you remembered, select the file (GB12.7.xpi or whatever it's called) and click the Open button.
  5. Firefox will prompt you with an installation screen. Click the Install Now button.
  6. Exit and restart Firefox.

Development releases

The 13.0 development release is the only one that works with both ghettos. See the details page to learn more about how Ghetto Blaster is designed.

VersionSize (bytes)MD5 hash
13.0pre1 18990 3094133dcea0fcad224d483effa35353 GB13.0pre1.xpi

Stable releases

The 12.7 release fixes the problem when blasting images from Flickr. Stable versions prior to 12.3 are only of historical interest as they point to incarnations of space_ghetto that no longer exist.

VersionSize (bytes)MD5 hash
12.8 18013 c4bbeabe468283a00ea2ee15d08b847a GB12.8.xpi
12.7 7574 31c02ad2ec6f37179688658ee372ac0a GB12.7.xpi
12.6 7534 acf45a661a79e17b323fdd692b4819a3 GB12.6.xpi
12.5 7290 68bea67aecbac5b46b408fde91c2b328 GB12.5.xpi
12.3 6794 8220b553855e0d0dc331f6035a4e0b5a GB12.3.xpi
9.0 6708 7ccd2ed52db0c84f672d13d988e21eb2 GB9.xpi
8.5 11190 acb9333a3cd496eb11ef1900401100fb GB8.5.xpi
8.0 (0.6+) 28536 1fca92c9ba6d7ccf84190dcc683b24e5 GB8.xpi
0.6 28445 be952f0aeb2fc22fa72bcfcb2cfaa00b GB0.6.xpi
0.5 28489 df5c6871a2c54655ccf78754213a0b38 GB0.5.xpi
0.4 (0.3+) 28821 3af9f74ad1e5c9db3257e97b278a7e8b GB0.4.xpi
0.3 28923 bc10e90af418dfe4a2b210587b02db60 gb0.3.xpi
0.2 26838 6b9b06036d809e33e851b8a0cf34db51 ghettoblaster.xpi

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