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space_ghetto is a place for posting images. It was originally a community on LiveJournal, but was shut down several times and eventually permanently banned there. It has since undergone several reincarnations on different hosts and using different architectures, and is currently using the Drupal blog software.

nigamajiga is the original founder and proprietor of spaceghetto.net. There is another parallel ghetto run by skeezoyd at spaceghetto.st. If you enjoy either or both, please consider donating to them to help pay the bills.

No CPThe official theme of space_ghetto is "Themeless." Try to avoid posting boring images or ones everybody has already seen. No CP.

Be warned that much of what appears on space_ghetto is offensive, disgusting, blasphemous, and/or pornographic. If you are not able to view such things without becoming upset, do not go there. Otherwise, follow this link to proceed to space_ghetto. Or follow this link to proceed to space_ghetto.

home - download - space_ghetto - details

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